Rowland Suddaby

Rowland Suddaby

Code: 10303


Landscape - North Yorkshire


Watercolour and oil pastel on paper, 24 x 38.5 cm.

A lovely landscape from this talented artist, Rowland Suddaby.  Here he captures the colours in the scrublands of the North York moors and combines that with a feeling of the immense space of this open moorland.

Rowland Suddaby is one of the enduring names of the 20th century landscape group of painters focused around Colchester - which at the time included John Nash, Blair Hughes Stanton and  Edward Bawden.

He had left Yorkshire as a young man to paint in London and was soon taken up by The Redfern Gallery as one of their young, promising stable of British talent. During the War he was commissioned to work on the Recording Britain Project for the Pilgrim Trust.  After the war he began a long career exhibiting mainly landscape - sometimes still life and examples of his work are to be found in no less than twenty different public collections across the country.