Robert Sadler

Robert Sadler

Code: 10251


  'Aerial View'

 by ROBERT SADLER 1909-2001

Acrylic on board, 5 x 9 inches, signed.

Original exhibition label verso - Aldeburgh Festival Gallery 1966


An abstract composition by Robert Sadler, drawing on elements familiar to him from the coast near Aldeburgh - the patterns of sea and shoreline.  Sadler could watch the sea from his studio and he frequently used the patterns of town buildings, the estuary, marsh and tides as inspiration towards abstract and semi abstract paintings.Robert Sadler was fortunate to have travelled widely after joining the RAF in the war. His work had taken him to London, Copenhagen and  Washington- where he managed to train at some of the prestigious art colleges of the day including the Corcoran School,  experiencing  American abstract expressionism first hand.