Kenneth Burrows

Kenneth Burrows

Code: 10161


W: 24cm (9.4")H: 18cm (7.1")


‘All at Sea’


 20th century;  Mixed media on paper, titled verso and signed by the artist’s widow

Kenn Burrows lived in Cambridge, originally from London he trained at Hornsea Art School.and then worked with the BBC and ITV. His work was exhibited and sold all over the world since the 1960s. Burrows was particularly known for his silkscreen prints, some of which were exhibited at the Royal Academy. His "Avoid the Rush Hour" poster for London Transport is well-known, and he won the Observer Prize for "Barn Interior". "Cockerel" adorned the set of ITV's Coronation Street. He last exhibited in a major exhibition at the Discerning Eye exhibition in London's Mall Galleries Burrows sold his "Pied Piper of Hamelin" to John Lennon.                                                                         £380 -